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Norshor Theatre

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Domains $7.49 - Why Pay More? (207-213) 211 East Superior Street

Presently:            Norshor Theatre

Previously:            Orpheum Theatre & Garage

Built:                 1910 as a “legitimate” theater and redesigned as an Art Deco movie house in 1940.

Architect:            1940 Liebenberg and Kaplan, Minneapolis

Style:                Present:  Art Deco

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When this theatre reopened as a movie house in 1940 the theater had been turned 180 degrees.  The old stage was where the popcorn stand is now.  Also when it opened it contained the world’s only “Milk Bar” in a theater.  There also was a 64 foot high lighted tower which was demolished in 1967.  The tower had 3,000 lights and was visible from 60 miles.

In the mid 1970’s there was a screening of the movie The Dove which was directed by Gregory Peck.  Mr. Peck was scheduled to attend the screening but was held up at a local television station.  After frantic calls to his assistant he did come by and gave a short speech.  A while after he had left the manager, Don Hanson, heard a knock on the side entrance.  It was Mr. Peck coming back just to tell the manager how much he appreciated the opportunity to be there.

Stone first floor and multi-geometric detailed brick second and third floors it also has a three-story stone shield marquee with a glass doored entrance.  

As of 2000 it is now owned by a private party, and the space is rented to a group that has re-opened the upper theatre, the mezzanine bar, and the main theater is now used for dances and music events.  Reports are that much of the interior is still in its original condition, although in desperate need of a good cleaning service.


1930   -  Orpheum Garage

1935   -  Orpheum Theatre
               Martha Strassburger Woman's Furnishing
              Griffith Inc.  - Rugs



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