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Voyageur Motel

Domains $7.49 - Why Pay More?Presently:        Voyageur Motel


Built:                 1960


Style:        Neo-Bastille??  Believe it or not, it was modeled after a prison. (Doesn't look anything like one now though)

So the story goes:  The original owner had owned a car dealership across the street and was imprisoned during the 1950’s for tax evasion.. He designed the building based on his experiences in prison. Later it was discovered that he had a hidden hallway from the penthouse, where he lived, to the garage along the third floor. This was supposedly so that no one would see him coming and going but it appears that he also had peep holes into the rooms. The hallway has since been removed, rooms expanded, and nothing of that exists today.  Today it is one of the nicest motels in the area.  Check out their web page at 

voyageur.jpg (72658 bytes)

Photo - Winter of 1994, at beginning of restoration.

The Building was completely remodeled and renovated during the mid to late 1990s.  It now boasts one of the finest views of Lake Superior in the area.  The Penthouse, Whirlpool Lodge Rooms and proximity to shopping, restaurants, theaters and the Lake Walk makes it one of the most attractive motels in the area.


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