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One of Duluth's first mule-drawn street cars, early 1890's
One of Duluth's first mule-drawn street cars, early 1890's

Duluth & Superior Bridge; In Length of Draw; second in the world
Duluth & Superior Bridge; In Length of Draw; second in the world

V. O. Hammon Co., Minneapolis Minn.

The Population of Duluth from 1869 to 1895
(From "The City of Duluth and Environs" 1895)

Gathered from figures published by her newspapers and from the State and United States census bureaus. state census, a ratio very much greater than that of any other town or city in Minnesota.  This increase is phenomenal, especially when it is considered that the gain was made during the devastating panic which commenced in 1893.  There is probably no other city in the United States which has made such a leap in population during the past five years.
Since the official state census was reported, Messrs. R. L. Polk & Co, the reliable and well known directory publishers, issued their 14th edition of the Duluth directory in regard to which their manager makes the following statement:
1869                          100
1870 U.S. Census     3131
1873                         5000
-----The Great Panic------
1875                         1300
1878                         2200
1880 U.S. Census     5415
1881                         7800
1882                       12000
1883                       14000
1884                       16000
1885 State Census  18036
1890 U.S. Census   33115
1895 State Census  59396
It is seen that from 1890 to 1895 the population increased 79 per cent and a fraction, or nearly 80%, according to the official report of the "This volume contains 25,680 names, deducting 2,110 names for firms, corporations, removals and duplicates etc., leaves 23,570 individual names, which, by applying the multiple 2-7/8, the figure which has hitherto been found to approximately represent the names of women and children not included in the directory, indicates, a population of 67,764.
Duluth, Minn., Sept 10th, 1895.        Theo. F. Smith.
For R. L. Polk & Co."
In the early years there was much wealth in Duluth with the lumber, railroading, ships, and then the mining industries. In 1869 the gold and silver mines seemed to be doing well, as a matter of fact, Col. W.H. Nobles had stamped out about five tons of gold and silver quartz by June. Brownstone became a staple of the building industry in Duluth and by 1880 the brownstone mining industry became the second largest employer in the area.

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New Pittsburg Coal Dock, Duluth, Minn.
New Pittsburg Coal Dock, Duluth, Minn.

undated postcard

Published by the News Tribune, Duluth, Minn.


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