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Domains $7.49 - Why Pay More?Dr. Thomas Preston Foster published his first newspaper from a tent in what is now Canal Park. Canal Park is located on what is now called Minnesota Point, and in the past was also called La Pointe, or Park Point. Over the years there has been much discussion as to how the Point was formed. Geologists explain how the silt from the St. Louis River built up and became the largest fresh water sandbar in the world. But what they fail to tell you is why. Why did it start to build up there? If you would like the real story you certainly won't get it from the geologists, you can only read it here:

You must remember that this was Paul Bunyan country long before Duluth was settled. Old Paul logged in the areas West and North of the bay and also near the Amnicon River in Northern Wisconsin. Seems that to get to Amnicon, on the South Shore of Lake Superior, he had to walk the many miles to Fond du Lac and cross the river, then march all the way back along the South Shore. In those days we had trees here that touched the clouds.

Well, he tired of the walk and cut one of those trees down, had Babe drag it to the shore, stood it on end and plopped it into the lake. Next he walked all the way to Fond du Lac and all the way back to Amnicon for the last time. There he cut another log and again had Babe drag it to the lake. He raised it in the air and dropped it into the water just as he had the other. He miscalculated the distance and the two ends were several hundred feet apart. Still, it didn't seem to matter much to him because he had quite a stride and could jump vast distances. That is how the Superior entry got in the middle of the sand bar. Wasn't long before the sand and silt started to pile up and Minnesota Point was born. That old tree is probably still down there and some day an archeologist will surely find it. Some claim that when the canal was dug they had to cut through several yards of wood at the bottom.

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