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Prohibition in Duluth

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From the "Ripsaw"

Duluth votes to go "dry." gasp!!!

Good bye, beer and whiskey!
Farewell, rock and rye!
We will meet you in Superior,
Now that the Bowry's dry!


Once as in a drug store dreary, as I wished that I were beery,
Over chocolate ice cream soda I have never tried before ---
While to like it I was trying, softly then there came a sighing
Of some one gently crying, crying up above the door.
Then I saw a crimson raven, weeping up above the door;
Quoth Red Raven: "Nevermore!"

From the files of Ray Marshall  -- 

Domains $7.49 - Why Pay More?

Recipe for Home Brew for Those Who Have the Time

Chase wild bull frogs for three miles and gather up hops. To them add ten gallons of tan bark, one-half pint of good shellac, and one bar of home-made soap. Boil 36 hours, then strain through an I.W.W. sock to keep it from working. Add one grasshopper per pint to give it a kick. Pour a little into the kitchen sink; if it takes the enamel off it is ready for bottling. Guaranteed to be legal! (found in an old 3m company newsletter)

From the files of Ray Marshall  -- 


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