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OUT OF THE GAIT - The first speeding ticket in Duluth, and possibly Minnesota

Domains $7.49 - Why Pay More?On January 6, 1872, the City Council imposed what turned out to be the first speeding ticket in Duluth. They had recently passed a law setting a speed limit of "the walking gait of a man" on Lake Avenue. A teamster named Trowbridge from Pratt & Co. was seen driving his team, on New Year's Day, at the breakneck speed of a fast walk. He was driving Mayor Clinton Markel, ex-mayor Culver, and William Nettleton on their New Year's rounds. When Officer Thompson saw this exhibition of speed he was greatly upset. Trowbridge was duly fined $5, plus a hefty $3 for court costs. That was one heck of a lot of money back then. Imagine what that would compare to today?

Trowbridge did not have such a handsome amount of money so the Mayors raised it in the local taverns to pay his fine.




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