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Domains $7.49 - Why Pay More?Camille Poirier - The Duluth Pack Story

Proctor Knott's 1871 Speech in Congress, which is considered to be the funniest speech in Congressional history.

Out of the Gait (pun intended, eh!)--  The first speeding Ticket in Duluth, and possibly Minnesota

The City Grows

High Schools

McQuade Road Fish Fry, Store and Campground

Minnesota Point (Park Point)  

Moses Armstrong Visits Duluth 1871

Naming of Lake Superior

The Newspaper Wars

Prohibition in Duluth

Siegel Hardware

The BLACK BEAR Story (at Hotel Duluth)

World War I in Duluth

World War II in Duluth

History of the Duluth Airport:

Books about Duluth and the region available from

Boomtown Landmarks (Discover Duluth) - by Laurie Hertzel

Sam Cook's "Campsightes"

Chronicles of Aunt Hilma and Other East Hillside Swedes - by Michael Fedo

Barton Sutter's "Cold Comfort:  Live at the Top of the Map"

Craig and Nadine Blacklock's "The Duluth Portfolio"

Destination Duluth (Port Cities of North America) by Martin Hintz

Duluth; The City and the People - by Chuck Frederick

Duluth/Superior Funbook - by Julie Ryan

Duluth Tour Book; An Illustrated Guide to Historic & Fun Places - by Jeff Cornelius

Friendship Fires - by Sam Cook

Ghostly Tales of Lake Superior - by Claire W. Schumacher

House of Stone : The Duluth Benedictines - Mary R. Boo

Just Keep Going North...You'll Know When You Get There! : Breath-Taking, Unforgivable Short & Tall Stories About Duluth & the Head-O-The Lakes - by Rick Eichert

Nina's North Shore Guide

The Raleigh Street Saga : Shattering the Legend - by Claire W. Schumacher

Trains of the Twin Ports Photo Archive : Duluth-Superior in the 1950s - by Marvin Nielsen

Up North - by Sam Cook


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